3 Reasons Why People Love The Chicken Casserole With Ritz Crackers

3 Reasons Why People Love The Chicken Casserole With Ritz Crackers

After a long day at work, what you really want is the simplicity and deliciousness of a home cooked meal. Hopefully, it will be a meal that can be cooked with minimum hassle. The chicken casserole with Ritz crackers is the perfect choice for you and your family. It requires only six ingredients and the preparation time is as little as ten minutes. This gives you more quality time with your loved ones, and a delicious meal to enjoy with them.

Yummy and Filling

This one dish meal is a favorite with the young, and the young at heart. It is comfort food that is both, delicious as well as nutritious. The recipe calls for shredded or precooked chicken, chicken casserole with Ritz crackers, sour cream, some butter and seasoning. The crushed Ritz crackers will be placed on top of the whole chicken mix, and will give the dish a delectable crunch.

Quick to Prepare

The recipe only requires about ten minutes of preparation time and thirty minutes in the oven. You will need shredded chicken, but you can also use rotisserie chicken, canned or leftover chicken. If you are using chicken breasts, do slice the chicken thin, and keep in mind that the dish would need to be baked for a little longer.

If you do not have cream of chicken soup, you can substitute it with mushroom soup. Some cooks also like to add some chicken broth to the mix to help keep the chicken moist. Traditionally, the butter is melted in the baking dish, after which the seasoned chicken, soup, cream cheese and chicken broth mix is add. Finally, a layer of crushed Ritz crackers is used as a topping. You could also use the crushed crackers to create a base as well as a topping for the dish, and drizzle with a little melted butter before putting it into the oven.

Simple and Perfect for All Palates

From the youngest member of your family to the oldest, this chicken casserole will savored by all. This makes it the perfect go to recipe when you are in a hurry and want to cook a meal that your family will enjoy. Food is about more than sustenance. It is about sharing a meal together as a family. And so, it is important that you opt for easy to cook recipes that you and your family would love. You can serve the casserole with a salad or vegetables.

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