5 Styling Tips For Nailing A Modelling Audition In Australia

5 Styling Tips For Nailing A Modelling Audition In Australia

Appearance is key when it comes to modeling in Australia. You have to impress when you go for the audition. It doesn’t mean, however, that you should overdo your dressing and makeup. Most Australian modelling agencies want to see you in your natural self. Essentially, this is how they define beauty. So, you should aim at meeting their expectations if you are planning to nail the audition.

As a guide, here are 5 tips to observe:

1. Simple Wear

Your clothes need to be clean, well-fitting, and presentable. They shouldn’t be distracting. Actually, skinny jeans and a pretty top will do. To add some height to your physique, you should wear heels. They’ll also give you extra confidence when facing the auditioning panel. Additionally, opt for neutral colors considering that you are not going to the audition to show off your amazing wardrobe. The simplest outfits are often the best if you truly want your natural side to shine.

2. Simple Makeup

If possible, don’t wear makeup at all. Just clean your face and apply moisturizer. This will make you appear as natural as you could ever be. But if you have to wear makeup, keep it simple. In such a case, ensure that the foundation and mascara are lightly applied. In addition, the lip gloss should be of natural shade.

3. Natural Hair

If your hair is long, try to wear it down to make it appear natural. You should ensure that it doesn’t cover your face when you audition. If it’s short, style it up in a way that it will match the shape of your face.

4. Minimum Accessory

Though it’s tempting to try to catch the attention of the auditioning team with glamorous jewelry, you have to keep it at a minimum level if you want to nail the audition. In fact, simple earring and a nice watch are what you need to get the look right.

5. Get the Details Right

Lastly, you should put some extra efforts in small details like your nails and eyebrows. This is because a majority of Australian modeling agencies look at these details when they want to break a tie. So, you may find it ideal to visit your local beauty spot beforehand to have a manicure and your eyebrows aligned.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to stand out in a modeling audition. All you need is a natural look and a bold personality. The above styling tips will help you achieve this. Remember to smile when you face auditioning panel.

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