7 Fundraising Ideas For Supporting Veteran Donation Centers

7 Fundraising Ideas For Supporting Veteran Donation Centers

When veterans return home from serving the nation, they usually have so many needs. They need comfortable housing, medical care, food, and many other needs. Often, they are not able to meet most of the expenses. This is where the veteran donation centers step in. These centers highly depend on donations from well-wishers. You may not have the money to donate but if you have a willing heart, there are so many possibilities. Think of conducting a fundraising drive.

Here are 7 great ideas to consider:

1. Set Up a Crowdfunding Page

Through crowdfunding, willing individuals are able to contribute money online via a donation page. You are required to share a story about why you are collecting money so that the audience can connect to you and offer their financial support.

2. Organize a Charity Auction

If you have an asset, maybe a house or a car that you are willing to let go, you can use it to raise the donation money. If the asset is very valuable, so many people will be willing to offer you the money that you are targeting.

3. Recruit Carol Singers

Since we are in the Christmas season, it’s a great time to carol singing. You can recruit carolers and ask them to join you around your neighborhood with donation containers.

4. Arrange a Patriotic Concert

A patriotic concert allows you to invite people for entertainment and in exchange, they pay an entrance fee that is channeled to support veterans. A majority of concert lovers will turn up, more so when they learn it’s for charity.

5. Collect at the Grocery Store Checkout

You can talk to your local grocery store and ask them if you can set a collecting jar at the checkout. Provided they trust your idea, they’ll allow you to fundraise using this route.

6. Plan a Walkathon

Most veteran donation centers raise money using this method. In a walkathon, participants are allowed to make financial pledges depending on the distance that they plan to walk. You can also collect money by giving out printed t-shirts for the walkathon.

7. Use Envelope Fundraisers

These are not well known but they are also perfect fundraising ideas that you can use. They are easy to plan and execute as you only need envelopes and a bulletin board located in a busy location. Assign each envelope a dollar value and interested donors will walk by and put cash that matches the dollar value in the envelopes.

Clearly, there are so many ways of raising money for supporting veterans. You just need to identify the idea that you are comfortable with. Our veterans generally deserve every cent that you help to raise.

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