7 Reasons To Get A Bed Rail For Seniors

7 Reasons To Get A Bed Rail For Seniors

Are you looking for Bed Rails for Seniors? Bed rails can provide many benefits to seniors, especially those living on their own. Bed rails help keep seniors steady in bed and prevent them from falling out of bed during the night. This article will explore seven reasons why it’s essential to get a Bed Rail for Seniors.

The first reason is they can help prevent Bed Sores. Bedsores are one of the most common health hazards among senior citizens, especially those who spend a lot of time in bed. They support seniors to lean on when getting out of bed and sitting down again. This reduces pressure points like shoulders and hips, which helps reduce or even prevent bedsore formation.

The second reason is they can keep older adults safe during night-time bathroom trips. Some seniors find it challenging to get up at night, so they may use the restroom multiple times before morning rolls around. However, there’s risk involved because falling due to poor eyesight or unsteadiness often occurs while using the bathroom late at night or early in the morning hours.

The third reason is they can help prevent falls. These rails act as a safety barrier to keep older adults from tumbling out of bed during sleep or when arising in the morning hours, which is why seniors need to get up slowly and carefully following periods where they’ve been sleeping.

The fourth reason is that they improve sleep quality. They can help seniors feel secure and comfortable while they’re sleeping, which often results in a better night’s rest.

The fifth reason is that they make bathing easier. When these rails are installed on both sides of the bed, they provide a helpful handhold for individuals who need assistance when bathing themselves. This is an essential consideration for elderly residents living in independent or assisted living facilities.

Sixth, they offer peace of mind to caregivers. Knowing that they have them installed for family members or friends who regularly check in on elderly loved ones gives them one less thing to worry about — namely, whether their loved one has fallen out of bed during the night.

Finally, they provide a sense of security and stability for seniors. They can help reduce the fear of falling out of bed, promoting better sleep and improved overall health.

Bed Rails for Seniors are designed with several different types that meet individual needs depending on the senior’s personal preferences, medical conditions, mobility level, and more.

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