ABCs Of A Swimming Pool Designer

ABCs Of A Swimming Pool Designer

The establishment of an above ground pool will also allow you to free yourself from all the administrative hassle since models that do not exceed 20 m² eliminate the need to make a prior declaration of works. Similarly, if the above ground pool is placed on the ground, you will not be obliged to equip it with a safety device in accordance with the law. You are therefore not obliged to install a barrier or a pool alarm.

The installation of an above ground pool is also much easier than that of an underground pool. The above ground swimming pool is ideal for all types of terrain even the smallest. Its installation requires, apart from the slab, no masonry thanks to the Swimming Pool Designer.

There are two types of pools in this range: the inflatable freestanding pool or the structural pool. The first is generally round in shape with a low water capacity and a height of less than one meter. The main advantage of this type of pond is the ease of installation. You can inflate the edge and fill with water to get a pool ready for use. It will be just as easy to dismantle the set for the winter period.

The above-ground tubular pool, meanwhile, is marketed in different formats and capacities. The steel structure provides increased strength and a larger volume of water. The assembly remains easy for DIY enthusiasts. It is also good to note that the package takes more or less space depending on the size of the basin during winter storage.

The prices for these pools are quite affordable even for the high end models. Special attention should be paid to the accessories supplied in the kit. Some kits are sold without scale, backdrop or filter which can quickly inflate the bill at checkout.

Maintenance is limited even though the filter provided in the kits is generally of poor quality and requires special attention. It is also possible to opt for a more efficient sand filter for the quality of the water. The main disadvantage of these pools is their relative fragility. In addition, it is important that the whole structure is mounted on a perfectly flat ground, the slightest difference in gradient affects the stability and the durability of the basin.

The other big disadvantage is the integration of this type of pool in the landscape of your garden. The pools are generally blue. The swimming pool offers the possibility of owning a pool of water at a lower cost for the summer period. For a more durable installation and design integration, it is better to turn to rigid above ground pools as shown by a Swimming Pool Designer.

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