About The Marriage Counseling Washington DC Couples Recommend

About The Marriage Counseling Washington DC Couples Recommend

When it comes to marriage, there is simply no such thing as a perfect one. However, there are a set of guidelines that married couples can follow in order to have a happy and fulfilled marriage. In the event a speed bump is hit and it seems as though there is no way around it, marriage counseling is advised. The Marriage Counseling Washington DC couples recommend is professional and valuable.

When Do You Need Counseling?

marriage3502Although it is a standing rule that couples should seek therapy as soon as they have a breakdown in communication or realize that things are not right, most married couples choose to wait at least six years before seeking therapy. In fact, many couples seek counseling just before getting divorced in an effort to keep things amicable even after the separation and divorce.

The number one reason that marriages break down is a lack of communication. When married couples fail to communicate effectively, they opt to ensue in power struggles and as a cause of this, resentment builds and some marriages may never recover. However, if counseling is sought before things can get to this advanced stage, it’s highly possible that the marriage can be saved. In fact, both partners are the deciding factor. Any relationship can be salvaged and starting over can often to awkward, but exciting as well, as long as both partners are prepared to start over, the right way.

Marriage counseling addresses various facets of the marriage. History is one of them. In many cases, unknowing to them, both husband and wife conduct themselves as they saw their parents doing so, growing up. This is not done intentionally, but rather subconsciously, as people fail to realize that in most cases, they imitate their parents. So in many cases, therapists and marriage counselors have to tackle these generational issues, before they can see any progress in their counseling.

Marriage counseling is not only for marriages that are falling apart. They are also for couples that have healthy marriages that are going steady. These couples seek counseling to strengthen their relationship and gain a better understanding of each other. Couples that are engaged and soon to be married may also attend these counseling sessions. The pre-marriage counseling is priceless, since it teaches couples to identify their differences and learn to embrace each other, the way they are, before marriage. This ensures that the proper foundation is being laid, which is imperative for a long, solid and fruitful marriage. The Marriage Counseling Washington DC couples attend is intended to give them a longer, happier and healthier marriage.

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