About The Prague Illusion Shows

About The Prague Illusion Shows

Even in this age of remarkable scientific discoveries and impressive technological innovations, we are still highly drawn to the mysteries of magic. Prague is a great example of a modern city that clings to its proud tradition of the magical arts. In fact, many practitioners still polish their craft and perform for the public. Prague Illusion shows are among the most widely recommended things to do if you are in the city. Audiences are blown away by the realism and spectacle of it all. Believers are skeptics alike will walk away content at having a memorable night with friends.

Up-close and Personal

One of the best things about this show is that the venue is small and intimate. Capacity is limited to 80 people. It is located at the M1 Lounge which has a long narrow room with both sides having comfortable seats. Guests will end up facing each other while the performers walk up and down the aisle. Instead of simply looking at a stage from below, here they are on the same level as the illusionists. They can even be part of the demonstrations if they feel like it. This certainly heightens the thrill and makes the whole thing much interesting to see.

The Illusionist

Since Prague has a rich history of magic, the standards are high for performers. People here have seen a lot of things so they are not easily impressed. That is why only the best are selected to take part in this prestigious show. An award-winning illusionist will take the helm to ensure a flawless performance. Watch him read minds and make predictions. Among previous members of his audience are the French president and the Royal family, so you know that you will be in good company. Of course, to see is to believe. Awards are nice but a show that manages to surprise and amaze will be far better.

The Show

Prague Illusion shows has been described as original, innovative, and extraordinary. The brilliance of the illusions is on everyone’s mouth after seeing the show. If you ever set foot in the city, you must include this performance in your itinerary along with the other popular attractions on offer. The lounge is just a short walk away from the old town square so you will not miss it. Book your tickets early to make sure that you have a slot for your preferred schedule. There should be no worries about language barrier as the entire show will be conducted in English. Read online reviews if you would like first-hand accounts from previous guests.

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