Advice On How To Plan An Affordable Cayman Islands Vacation

Advice On How To Plan An Affordable Cayman Islands Vacation

A trip to the Caribbean is a dream for many beach lovers. There are tons of photographs on the Internet featuring powdery white sand and sparkling blue waters inviting viewers to the islands. There is no doubt that these pictures make it tempting to buy a ticket and head off on the vacation of a lifetime. However, it should be said that holidays in this region is not exactly cheap. The Cayman Islands, for instance, is known almost equally for its natural beauty and its sky-high prices. Yet there is no reason to despair as there are several ways to enjoy your stay without spending a fortune.

Come Outside the Winter Season

The most important thing is to time your visit well. The majority of visitors to the Grand Cayman Hotel are from the US. They flock to the island to enjoy the tropical weather, relaxed environment, and great views. Winter is the busiest time of the year as Americans try to escape the bitter cold by staying here during the peak of the snowfall. With the law of supply and demand, this means the rates go up everywhere and budget travelers are better off staying away for the meantime. May to November is considered off-peak when guests can enjoy 20% to 40% lower rates.

Stay at an Affordable Grand Cayman Hotel

51bDon’t limit your options to the most popular names in the industry. There are several different types of accommodations available on the island so explore the alternatives. The cheaper hotels may not be as luxurious as the 5-star variety but they provide comfortable rooms and decent service. A lot of travelers these days check into the new condominiums along the Seven Mile Beach. Their units are significantly cheaper than similarly sized ones at hotels. For extended stays and large groups, these units are definitely more appealing to the wallet.

Avoid Restaurants and Cook Your Own Meals

Another way to save money is to avoid eating out as much as possible. Most of the food items in the Grand Cayman Hotel Islands are imported from the US. The massive taxes and service charges combine to push the prices of restaurant meals up. Savor the local fare which is large composed of fish caught in the nearby waters since those are fairly cheap. For other meals, though, just buy what you need at grocery shops and cook at the kitchen in your own unit. This is another reason why condominiums are so popular: they usually have a functional kitchen that makes the unit feel more like home.

Book Package Tours for Discounts

Ask your hotel, resort, or condominium if they offer any package tours. The total cost will be lower than if you avail of each activity individually. Most places are affiliated with a dive shop and inner island tour company. They can negotiate discounted rates for their guests and guarantee door-to-door transport for convenience. All of the main tourist destinations can be included in the tour which is perfect for bigger groups.

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