All You Must Know Concerning Supercare Plan

All You Must Know Concerning Supercare Plan

My Supercare is an affordable and convenient financial alternative that helps individuals and families to meet their dental treatment payments stressfully. Dental surgery can be an expensive and complex process based on the number of tasks, equipment, and specialist time required to ensure it is performed competently, professionally, effectively with least pain. However, with My Supercare plan, all is well.

What is supercare?

This is a type of funding help that allows patients to access their superannuation earlier aimed at covering dental treatments. The plan takes away the stress and anxiety in challenging situations; therefore, you can be assured of receiving the best services in dental care.

Which dental treatments can My Supercare cover?

This scheme provides funding help to the following dental treatments and procedures:

Orthodontic treatments

It offers several superior correcting procedures such as braces, invisalign, and retainers. Orthodontics is used to repair primarily misaligned jaws, teeth gaps, and related structural mouth issues.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the best insurance for missing and damaged tooth. The implants look exactly like real teeth and have the advantage of lasting longer; however, when given the care it deserves.

Root canal procedures

Root canals are used to treat extreme mouth pain. They disinfect the nerve canal inside the affected tooth.


Crowns involve replacing a cap over a damaged tooth aimed at sealing cavities hence prevents protracted problems that may result in infection and pain.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This procedure treats diseases and injuries in the face, neck, head, jaw regions, soft and hard mouth tissues.

Therefore, if you may require the above dental procedures, the plan will cover all the expenses hence prevent your tooth or tissue from becoming worse.

How can I access My Supercare plan?

While you need to access your superannuation to finance your dental treatment, the key step is to visit or contact the supercare offices and plan for consultation. Supercare will facilitate and provide the necessary support and guide you through everything you must know concerning the Early Release Superannuation Program (ERS). Their hospitable team will aid you to submit your application through the Department of Human Services and request funds. Once your application has been fully processed, you can start using the funds to book your preferred dental treatment with the dhealth dental clinic.


My supercare plan is the only best alternative when it comes to financing your dental treatment and procedures at any dhealth dental clinic you prefer. They cover all dental related problems; therefore, you cannot be left out. Consider visiting their offices for guidance and support.

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