All You Wanted To Know About Colored Contacts

All You Wanted To Know About Colored Contacts

Are you yearning to enhance the look of your eyes? Whether you have a poor eyesight or simply want to give yourself a cosmetic touch, colored contacts are the way to go. They allow you to wear a subtle, bold and amazing look. Cosmetic contact lenses are meant to give the wearers a better look whereas colored contacts with prescription are used to help people with eyesight problems. However, you need to seek a prescription even if you are looking for cosmetic contacts. For the last couple of years, contacts have been classified as medical devices. This is the reason they are controlled under the FDA policy. Because they are medical devices, they are considered potentially harmful to the eyes, especially if they are not properly fitted, improperly used or worn wrongly.

Common terms used in contact Lenses

Colored contacts with prescription: they are contacts that change the appearance of the eyes and are used to correct various eye challenges such as farsightedness and myopia and astigmatism.

Non-prescription contacts: They are worn to change the look of the eyes. They do not feature lens and neither are they needed for vision problems. These types of colored contacts are also known as plano colored contact lenses.

No Matter if you are looking for contact lenses for cosmetic or eyesight correction purposes, it is advisable to obtain a prescription from a professional doctor.

Types of colored contacts

Many contacts tend to mimic the natural look of eyes, especially the iris. The lenses have their center portion creatively designed with colored lines and shapes to ensure they resemble the natural iris. The center is designed to be clear so it doesn’t hinder free flow of light into the eyes through the pupil.

These color contacts come in various forms and tints, including the following:

Visibility tint: It is the light blue or green tint that is designed to ensure clear vision in case you are inserting, removing or when you accidentally drop them. These tints are fairly faint so they do not affect the vision of persons wearing them.

Enhancement tint: They are solid yet translucent tints that are designed to be a bit darker compared to the visibility tint. As their name suggests, enhancement tints are meant to elevate the natural look and color of the eyes. If you have light-colored eyes and want to change your look to a more vibrant one, then enhancement tints are the way to go.

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