An Insight Into The Work Of Market Research Freelancer

An Insight Into The Work Of Market Research Freelancer

Market research refers to any form or organized strategy to collect information about a target market. Perhaps market research is one of the most essential components of a success matrix. Analysts suggest that market research is a lucrative field of practice and one which pays freelance service providers. People may choose to freelance for a number of reasons, including the convenience and flexibility with which freelancing comes with. Some work as freelancers to earn an extra income or as a part-time job. Whatever the reason, freelancing comes with numerous advantages that a resident marketer cannot obtain.

Finding Work as a Market Research Freelancer

Finding a job as a market research freelancer can be a little demanding at the beginning. However, with a little knowledge in job search using all the available engines, you’ll discover that a lot of opportunities. You can also register with some of the leading freelance websites such as Odesk, Elance, Guru and Peopleperhour where people look for freelancers offering service.

Here are the skills you will need as a Freelance Researcher

As a market research freelancer, you need to demonstrate your skills in order to work as a freelance market researcher.
Strong analytical skills—any person looking to become a market researcher should hon his or skills in analysis and interpretation of scenarios. Other skills will include the following:
• Interpersonal skills
• Methodological and organizational skills
• Oral and written communication skills
• Ability to deal with quantitative and qualitative data
• The ability to work under pressure

How to Succeed as a Freelance Market Researcher

To be successful as a market researcher, you will need to learn new techniques and new ways of doing research. Some of the things you’ll need in order to further your career as a market researcher include the following:

• Being sure to promote and popularize your services and creating a string media presence.
• Developing a responsive network and one which you can use to access jobs
• Ability to work with pressure and meet deadlines
• A fair understanding of the industry trends
• Have a bias in psychology, critical skills and research skills

Market Researcher Salary

Ordinarily, sites offering freelance market research jobs have a variety of payment structures. You can find a fixed-price model where the price is fixed or predetermined. The other model is the hourly model where employers pay a specified amount of money per hour. Finally, the project-budget based model is where an entire project cost is agreed upon. Pitching for hourly projects is perhaps the most common pricing models when it comes to freelance work.

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