Awareness Training Helps Identify Drug Abusers At Work

Awareness Training Helps Identify Drug Abusers At Work

Drug abuse has continued to plague organizations around the world. It is the use of illegal drugs that can harm the spheres of the body. It is also the improper use of over-the-counter medications and abuse of prescription drugs. It affects dependency and is an inevitable route to a downward spiral in life. Besides the physical effects, this habit will lead to various other repercussions, including loss of wealth, jobs, and relationships.

Consequently, drug abuse info on prevention will be in order. Drug awareness training is very often one of the most popular courses organizations, and providers can offer since it represents an issue that everyone has experience of, and everyone has an opinion on it. Trainers would then go through a list of drugs, their effects, signs, and symptoms of use, among other things.

The course also looks beyond just the drugs and probes more in-depth, often the drug use itself is symptomatic rather than causal for the person concerned. The training considers several elements to support those with problematic relationships with alcohol and drugs effectively.

The course also includes elements such as treatment options, assessment of need, screening, reasons for use, the role of the family, harm reduction, employment and education, and associated risk and protective factors as a minimum. It also helps in identifying behavioral signs of drug and alcohol use amongst employees, such as mood changes, deterioration in relationships with a colleague, impaired job performance, time off, and lateness.

Open and honest discussions around drug use in a supportive environment have demonstrated to be as effective in treatment as a medical intervention. There are numerous suppliers of drug awareness courses or alcohol awareness courses, so it should be easy to find awareness training. Ensure the training is delivered to managers for them to be confident and competent in identifying environmental signs of drug and alcohol use.

These may include paraphernalia usually detected at the scene of drug or alcohol use such as cigarette papers, broken cigarettes, foil, and discarded bottles; this can confirm if illegal activities are taking place. Taking steps to support your manager’s knowledge of drug awareness and alcohol awareness will pay dividends in the long term.
DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department provides the best drug awareness training for managers. Therefore, this course will effectively help the mangers to meet the DOT compliance requirements. A manager has to maintain an addiction-free work environment for employees as well as customers. Besides, it affects the company’s business too.

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