Benefits Of A Drainage Catch Basin

Benefits Of A Drainage Catch Basin

The drainage catch basin is an important part of the drainage system in landscaping. It helps maintain and reduce flooding in an area. The catch basin works by collecting rainwater and draining it to the nearest sewer or stream hence avoiding stagnant water in an area. Catch basins are boxes built on the underground used to trap water and facilitate great drainage in a place. They are designed with grit on top of which acts as a sieve to trap big debris. Water collects in the catch basin and when it reaches a certain point where the outlet pipe is fitted it is dispensed off to the sewer system.

1. Benefits of a catch basin

• Drains water that can harbour insects

Insects like mosquitoes use stagnant water as breeding grounds and as their habitat. If water is not drained the mosquitoes properly in your yard can cause you and your family to get sick. Mosquitoes are known to cause malaria when they bite you. Malaria is a deadly disease and can kill, so always ensure that there is no stagnant water around your home.

• Limit the risk of destruction

Stagnant water can destroy your home if left standing there for long. The reason behind is that stormwater can weaken your house foundation. This can cause your house to collapse and cause destruction. Additionally, the stagnant water can cause moulds in your house which can be detrimental to your health.

• Reduced damage to infrastructure

Catch basin can be constructed in towns to reduce flooding and drain away all the excess water. In doing so, this reduces the damage to infrastructures like roads, sidewalks, underground cables and pipes. Stagnant water can cause cracks to roads, and this can lead to massive loss of money to repair the roads. Additionally, stagnant water can destroy the underground cables and pipes causing them to corrode and burst which can cause a lot of damage.

2. When to clean your catch basins

When constructing the drainage catch basin, you will need to keep checking the plumbing issues to ensure that the catch basin is working correctly. The catch basin collects water before dispensing it to the sewer system. When water has collected some residues are formed below the tank, and these residues need to be cleaned to allow the catch basin to work well. You need to keep checking the level of the residues and make sure you clean it out before a storm hits.


Make sure that your catch basin is in top shape to allow water drainage to take place. The catch basin also facilitates a clean and clear water flowing system throughout the drainage system, and it needs to be working well for this to be facilitated.

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