The Best Recent Mystery Novels That You Should Read In 2017

The Best Recent Mystery Novels That You Should Read In 2017

There is nothing as exciting and captivating as reading one of the best recent mystery novels that leave you totally thrilled and entertained in an imaginative world that is full of realism. Every year, novel writers release their best work hoping to capture and win over ardent novel readers with psychological thrillers, comic paper novels and history mystery blends resulting in an almost endless list of must-read novels. Furthermore, some writers are also now moving from writing novels on a specific theme such as love to mixing different themes such as love and crime in a single novel. Some of the best recent mystery novels that you must read include:

Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? By Dobyns, Stephen

Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? Is a 368-page entertaining comic thriller novel that brings out several layers of absurdity in a fictitious narrative voice that will keep you reading non-stop from cover to cover. The title of the novel itself is exciting. The fat Bob does not refer to a person but a kind of motorcycles owned by Bob. In the novel, an enemy of Bob decides to kill Bob while riding his famous Fat Bob motorcycle. During the fateful day, Bob happens to give the motorcycle to another person resulting in the death of the wrong guy. The killing mishap begins a comedy of absurd errors that will not only make you enjoy the craziness of the novel but also make your heart beat fast.

Hangman’s Game by Syken, Bill

Hangman’s Game is a 336-pages sports-themed mystery novel that brings out the mystery from the most loved entertainment game football. The novel starts with Nick Gallow, the Philadelphia Sentinels pro football team punter and Samuel Salt, the newly signed first-round pick going to dinner with their agent Cecil Wilson. At the restaurant, they end up meeting Jai Carson who is the team’s defensive veteran, a meeting that ends in harsh words. Wilson and Gallow then head to show Salt around the stadium. In the stadium, a drive-by shooter leaves Wilson brutally wounded and Salt dead. Gallows failure to capture the number plate of the car prompts him to start poking around for leads. What follows is different mystery theories that will keep you guessing until you read the conclusion.

Forty Thieves by Perry, Thomas

The Forty Thieves is a 368-page novel that revolves around two married couples one a hit couple for hire and the other a PI team. The hit couple for hire tries to kill the PI team until they all find themselves in a crossroad with a deadly Russian gang resulting in a scene where everyone shoots at everyone before the novel takes another interesting twist that makes you think the pressure is off.

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