CBAP Certification For Business Analysis Experts

CBAP Certification For Business Analysis Experts

CBAP Certification or Certified Business Analysis Professional
Certification is an IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) Level 3 certification. Professionals obtaining a certificate in CBAP from the IIBA reach a higher level of standard. They gain more respect, and credibility for business analysis works. The path to becoming a CBAP is not simple. You have to invest your time and money to obtain this certificate. You need to complete some general phases of preparation to get this certificate. It can take some weeks for some people, and it may even take years for some people.

The Requirements for CBAP Application

You need a business analysis experience of five years or 7500 hours to apply for the CBAP, according to the BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) guide. You also need to have an experience of 900 hours in around four to six knowledge areas. Many professionals work as business analysts for years and find out at some stage that they are eligible to sit for the CBAP. Thirty-five documented professional development hours are also a requirement for applying for CBAP. Professional development credits include many training courses in business analysis and some conferences. Professionals can also apply for IIBA Level-2 or Level-1 certification if they have a lower level of qualification, though these don’t provide CBAP certificates.

Important Preparations

When one passes the CBAP, then he is a senior business analyst professional. IIBA defines it by the BABOK guide. So, to prepare for the CBAP, you have to understand the BABOK guide contents properly. You will have to pass the exam with a demonstration of your knowledge. Many business analysts take preparation from the BABOK guide study groups. Also, there are exam simulators, which are great resources to evaluate your knowledge and exam preparation. Here, you can answer similar questions to those of the exam.

Scheduling and Passing The Exam

Once you get your application approved, you can plan your exam for 2-3 months out. You can reschedule your exam. In case you don’t pass the exam, you can schedule the exam again within one calendar year of your approved application. You can stay motivated by promptly scheduling an exam. When you pass the exam, that means you have obtained the CBAP certificate.

CBAP certification is an outstanding addition in the career of a business analysis professional. A business professional should try to obtain a CBAP certificate to supplement his profession. Staying aware of the requirements and the exam strategies can assure you to get the CBAP certification.

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