Choosing A Contact Lens Color

Choosing A Contact Lens Color

It used to be so simple, if your eyes needed assistance, then the purchase of a pair of spectacles was the only answer. Then along came the contact lens color and suddenly a whole new set of opportunities opened up. Now we have the further advancement of making these lenses whatever color we choose and with so many options available, this is no easy task.

Different factors need to be addressed, such as hair color, skin tone and even personality. For obvious reasons, the more extroverted and flamboyant a character, the more a stand-out contact lens color will suit. Someone with a tendency to lean towards a more introverted lifestyle, would probably be advised to steer in the direction of a much more subtle shade.

The colored lens is much the same as a regular version, with the exception of a colored film added to the inner area. The centre of the lens is left clear, enabling the wearer to see through them, meaning that even if an individual has perfectly good vision, they too can partake in the enjoyment of swapping to an alternative color; they would simply need to opt for a lenses with a zero power rating.

It is recommended by professionals to take an eye test before going ahead with a purchase, due to the fact that in some circumstances these colored lenses are not really suitable. That said, the vast majority of people who wear clear contacts have no issues changing to the colored versions. Some stories have suggested that there may be some discomfort, but it is basically just a case of getting used to them. If a prescription is fitted properly then there shouldn’t be any problems. Additionally, a good and regular cleaning routine, with a quality solution, will naturally help; but that is the case irrespective of whether the lenses are colored, or clear.

A question that does seem to crop up now and again is whether or not a wearer of colored contact lenses can still cry. This is just another off the social media rumour mill, that seems to do the rounds constantly, and simply has no substance. The idea that there would be a build up of some sort is nonsensical, just as wearing normal lenses has no such effect either. Blinking, winking and crying therefore, are all perfectly possible, hopefully the latter not as a result of any dissatisfaction with the lenses themselves.

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