Choosing Pole Dancing Shoes

Choosing Pole Dancing Shoes

Pole dancing is considered a performance art form centered on a vertical pole. It combines dance and acrobatics not only performed as erotic dance but also as a fitness workout routine. This dance involves appropriate costumes, depending on where it is taking place. One of the major attire pieces is the type of shoes worn. Pole Dancing Shoes may vary from heels to fitness shoes, based on the aim of the pole dance. However, the most suitable and most preferred pole fitness and pole dancing shoes are the heels.

Qualities to Look Out for When Buying Pole Shoes

These qualities are totally dependent on how one wants to use the shoes. The shoes ought to be hard-wearing, long-lasting, sturdy yet comfortable. A number of qualities include:

Non-metal material

The shoes should not have any metal parts so as to avoid slippage and to protect the pole from damage.

The Heel size

For a beginner, the ideal heel height is 7 inches. Unlike the normal 6 inch heels, the height between the top of one’s heel and the ball of the foot of the pole heel is shorter. Therefore, pole heels are less strenuous. The heel is a bit wider making it less wobbly to balance in.

Shoes with Ankle Straps

Ankle straps provide more support and feel more secure especially if one will be doing a lot of leg kicks, inverted tricks, and power spins. One can also go for detachable ankle straps to pair with the mule style shoes.

Advantages of Wearing High Heels on the Pole

Apart from their appearance, pole shoes can improve dancing performance in various ways like:

Saving up Energy

Dancing heels are made of material that can cling to the pole making it easier for one to climb the pole.

Providing amazing comfort

Pole heels are padded on the out-sole making them comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

Improving Leg Movement and Body Posture

The heels absorb vibrations and their weight facilitates spinning. this improves movement.

There is always a first time for everything and this applies to wear pole heels too. Though comfortable, one may find it difficult to walk in them at first. It is highly recommended that a person should go for the lightest pair made of a mono-material to prevent breakage. To get used to wearing and walking, one can walk around the house and carry out light chores in them. This way, leg and body balance is attained.

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