Debunking Myths Surrounding Furnished Apartments

Debunking Myths Surrounding Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments are gaining popularity in Washington DC because of their convenience to travelers or temporary home seekers. Furnished units in Washington DC are affordable and are conveniently located close to amenities. Unfortunately, the myths that surround furnished apartments discourage people from renting them. However, you should not shy away from renting out a furnished apartment whether you are moving to a new city for work duties or on holiday with your family or colleagues.

Furnished apartments are not stylish

The first thing that comes into the mind of some people when they hear about furnished units is outdated and worn out furniture. The truth about furnished houses is that they have well-kept and modern finishes as well as furniture. Renters get the chance to a furnished apartment in Washington DC with the preferred style and one that is equipped with trendy furniture.

Cannot leave without completing a minimum stay

Most people have a misconception that furnished houses have a mandatory stay of not less than 30 days. The truth is that you can rent a furnished apartment for a week or more than two months based on your needs. The apartments do not have a minimum staying period. Take a tour and talk to the landlord about the length of time you plan on living in the apartment.

Furnished apartments are not fully furnished

In reality, you do not need extra purchases when moving into a furnished apartment. Besides finishing touches, groceries and a few personal items, you do not require purchasing other items as you start living in a furnished apartment. Furnished houses are usually fully furnished; renters move in and live a comfortable life.

Furnished units are always apartments

While most furnished units are apartments, you can also find single-family houses and condos that meet your needs. You can find furnished units whether you are on a business trip with the entire team, a family vacation with your family or you are traveling alone. In reality, renters can choose furnished units in urban and suburban neighborhoods in Washington DC based on where their personal or work lives take them.

Furnished apartments are expensive

One of the most common myths about furnished apartments is that they are costly. The actual cost of renting a furnished apartment varies from one apartment to the other. However, the cost and logistics of moving into furnished houses are incredibly affordable. The expenses of packing and relocating are high, especially when relocating with bulky furniture. You can save yourself the stress and cost of moving by considering a furnished apartment, especially for a short-term stay.

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