Do Polarised Sports Glasses Enhance Sports Performance?

Do Polarised Sports Glasses Enhance Sports Performance?

Did you know that tens of thousands of sports-related injuries occur each year? And that most of these injuries can be avoided through protective eyewear?Despite the efforts of governments, authorities and non-governmental organizations to sensitize people on the importance of wearing the best polarised sunglasses Australia has to offer, many still ignore and pay dearly for it.

Polarised sports glasses do not only serve the purpose of eye protection during intense physical activities; they also help to enhance vision to offer you an extra boost in your performance. It is no secret: vision drives performance to a greater level. Your eyesight has to be in top shape if you want to excel in any sport. Even if your vision resembles that of an eagle, you can considerably reduce glare and enhance contrast by using the rights sports eyewear.

What Does Research Say?

How about using evidence to back the claim that sports eyeglasses can boost performance?

A study was conducted in 2003 by Geraint Griffiths (a British optometrist) and a group of researchers to evaluate the effects of mildly blurred vision on the performance of both Wimbledon tennis players and UK national clay Pigeon shooting champions. All the athletes in the study were provided with special goggles that burred their vision slightly. The performance of the tennis players was judged by how accurately they returned a ball to a target on the opposite baseline. The rifle shooters were evaluated by the number of clay pigeons they hit. These were the results:

• The tennis players returned 62% more balls off-target while wearing the goggles. The bulls-eyes also reduced by 47%.

• The tennis players and shooters in total demonstrated a 25% worsening of performance while wearing the glasses.

The conclusion of the study was that proper vision is vital to good performance in sports.

The Other Angle

Polarised sports sunglasses don’t only help you ‘keep your eyes on the ball’; there’s also the benefit that you get to worry less about injuries and instead, keep your head on the game. This boosts the morale and lets you give your sports you all.


We hope you are convinced without a shadow of a doubt that sports sunglasses have a tremendous effect on sports performance. They help protect you from injuries and harsh UV rays while enhancing the color of your environment so that you can have a clearer focus on what matters. So, when you want to achieve your personal best in sports, always remember that great eyesight is a critical factor in athletic performance. Accordingly, putting sports sunglasses at the top of your list next time you go shopping for sports gear and accessories is always a good move.

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