Factors To Consider When Choosing An Electrostatic Sprayer

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Electrostatic Sprayer

As most countries are trying to open their economy by allowing children to go back to school, restaurant owners to open their businesses, and even markets are becoming open better ways of disinfecting people need to be developed. As all this is happening, we still want to protect the larger public from the virus and infection spreading; the electrostatic sprayer for disinfectant is one machine that has been developed to improve efficiency. However, the sprayer is new in the market and was developed from the latest technology. You might be having questions on what makes the best one, how you can distinguish or identify the one you need, among many other things you would want to know. The following are the significant factors that will help you choose the best you need for your operation:


The outer market is enormous; everyone aims to provide the most affordable tools and equipment that will enable them to save money. The charging system is the crucial part of the sprayer; you need to know how it works, the type of technology it uses, and even how long it is supposed to take before you recharge the sprayer again. You should inquire to know where it can be charged on the tank, tip, or even both to ensure how safer it can be to spray the disinfectants.

Droplet size

As much as you want to ensure your customers, workers, and other stakeholders are disinfected, the size of liquids or droplets that comes out of the nozzle plays a vital role in the general process. If the nozzle is significant, then it is likely to produce larger droplets that are not recommendable. They do not fall to every desired place; the smaller the nozzle, the higher the pressure, and therefore, it will release droplets that will get in every niche you would disinfect.


How much does it cost? Remember, you are doing business to minimize expenses and maximize profits. You should find an electrostatic sprayer for disinfectant that is sold at an affordable price. You will be working within your budget like usual; the size, technology, versatility, and comfort will determine the cost to decide what you should get. Even though expensive is considered be having more features that will make things better, you should always adhere to your budget.

The bottom line

Prevention is always better than cure, with the increasing rate of spread for the covid 19. Many organizations have thought of better ways of protecting anyone visiting them and any part of their team.

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