Find The Best Baby Headbands

Find The Best Baby Headbands

It may seem daunting at first, but you will soon become an old hand at bathing your baby. Usually, babies enjoy bathing because the water is warm and the environment familiar, if you feel really anxious, ask the nurse or midwife to show you exactly what to do and remember practice makes perfect. Organize what you’ll need before you start the bath.

A warm room, heated slightly in winter, with closed windows. Try to have the changing table and bath in the same room. Use a table or chest of draws at adult height, so that you won’t hurt your back bending. Place two clean towels and Baby Headbands over the table.

Sort out clean clothes beforehand. You’ll need a nappy, vest, socks, Baby Headbands, beanie and swaddling blanket. Ensure that you have a laundry basket and bin close by too. Organize your toiletries and Baby Headbands, if you’re using these massage cream, bum cream, cotton wool and cool. boiled water for eyes and ears and your cord cleaning goodies, if he still has his cord stump.

Place your shampoo, soap or aqueous cream within reach of the bath. Have extra towels on hand if necessary. Half-fill the bath and check the temperature by dunking your elbow in the water, or use a bath thermometer. It should be lukewarm (about 29.4″).


Undress your baby and wrap him in a towel. Leave his head exposed. Clean his eyes first, then oars and face, with cotton wool and cooled, boiled water. Use the second towel to gently pat him dry. Picking him up in a football hold under your arm, gently but firmly support his head with one hand while wetting and washing his hair over the bath.

Briskly, but gently, rub his head dry. Quickly unwrap him and then, with your left arm and hand firmly supporting his neck, back and left side, and your right hand and arm under his right leg, firmly and gently holding his left thigh, carefully (and slowly) place him into the water.

Keep holding him with your left arm and hand while you soap him all over. Move him around gently in the water and then lift him out, quickly wrapping him into the top towel and hugging him dry. Take off the wet towel, wrap him into the second towel and dry him very carefully, concentrating on the creases and folds which trap moisture.

If using cream, spread it all over and massage him gently if he allows you to. Get him dressed in Baby Headbands quickly and chat to him all the while, making direct eye contact as often as possible.

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