Finding Color Contacts For Brown Eyes

Finding Color Contacts For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are beautiful, but almost 70% of the world has brown eyes. That can be a little boring. If you are like me, you would love to have a dramatically different look occasionally with exotically colored green-gold or light-gold colored eyes. This wasn’t possible earlier, however, with the advent of colored contacts, you can now change the color of your eyes in an instant.

Here are a few tips that will help you find the right color contacts brown eyes.

Color selection: Colored lenses tend to vary in hue and depth. For color contacts brown eyes, you will find bright hues like hazel or gold that will change your eye color in a subtle way. Some tints can also brighten up the eye due to added tints in the colored portion of the lenses. For a dramatic change, you will definitely find green, blue, amethyst, turquoise, etc. However, these tints may not match all skin tones. We recommend you try the lenses before you make a final choice. . In case you are not sure about the color, some retailers also offer free trial contacts that will give you a good idea of fit and color.

Retailer: Custom lenses are available from retailers. You will have to provide a prescription and the lenses will be custom-made to fit your eyes. These may be a little expensive. However, you will also find OTC lenses that are far cheaper and available in a range of colors. You can buy a large variety and mix-and-match to suit your moods

Skin color: It’s a good idea to also match your skin tone to the lenses. For example, a warm skin tone goes particularly well with hazel, brown, gold or honey tinted lenses. A fair skin tone would match particularly well with blue, grey or aqua tinted lenses. Retailers are also willing to create custom tints to suit your requirements.

Comfort: Almost all contact lenses are comfortable due to modern materials. Hydrogel or silicone gel lenses in particular are recommended for almost everyone. However, some doctors may recommend the use of rigid gas permeable lenses for specific eye conditions. Soft lenses are fragile though and tend to rip or tear easily as compared to rigid lenses.

Don’t forget to care for your lenses correctly to make them last for as long as possible. In case of problems, make sure you check with your eye doctor and follow his instructions carefully.

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