Glazed Bricks: Classic Looks, Easier Maintenance

Glazed Bricks: Classic Looks, Easier Maintenance

Brick facades have been around for thousands of years. This look has a timeless appeal that you can depend on. You can use this for the walls of your house or your establishment and never fear about looking outdated even decades later. This makes bricks a good investment when it comes to sidings. You could go for the usual matte version or the shinier glazed bricks. They have similar properties but the latter’s surface provide it with several advantages over the former. Consider using the glazed type if you would like to enjoy the following properties:

Wide Range of Colors

Glazed bricks are actually composed of two layers. It has a regular brick underneath and the glazing on top. It is possible to find them in a wide range of colors and finishes. This makes it easier for designers to make the siding match the rest of the exteriors. Check out the catalogs from various manufacturers to see if they have the shade that you are looking for. Prints and online images can be different from the real thing so consider checking the actual items whenever possible. You can also ask some manufacturers to create bricks in custom colors for specific needs.

Moisture Resistance

The glazing on the surface makes these bricks impervious to moisture. These make them excellent for outdoor use because rain and snow will not cause the walls to absorb water. This prevents discoloration and stains. Your walls will continue to look great for years to come. Even graffiti will not be able to stick to the surface. Vandals who paint on the surface will see their work washed off easily. Indeed, dust and dirt will not be able to cling to glazed bricks the way that they do on regular bricks. Maintenance is a whole lot easier.

Temperature Tolerance

Another reason to use these for your siding is that these bricks are able to tolerate a high degree of heat and cold. This makes them perfect for regions which may experience harsh summers or bitter winters. They will take these extremes in stride and continue to protect the walls as intended. Seasons will come and go but they will stay as sturdy as ever against the elements to make sure that the interiors are unaffected by what happens outside.

If you are planning to install new sidings for your exteriors, then add glazed bricks to your items for consideration.

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