Guide To Tupperware Bottles Online

Guide To Tupperware Bottles Online

Not all mineral waters are suitable for children. Let’s see how to make the right choice and which water for newborns to buy. Mothers know it well: not all types of mineral water are suitable for children of a few months and there is always the question about how much water and what to give to newborns and when to propose it to them. So let’s clarify which baby water to choose and how to give it.

Much depends on the amount of minerals and Tupperware Bottles Online that are dissolved in the water and that make up what is called the fixed residue (which indicates the amount of minerals that remain in the water after having boiled a liter to 180 degrees).

In this perspective, the mineral water most suitable for newborns is that with a concentration of mineral salts not exceeding 140 ml/liter because already the milk, both maternal and formulated, is rich in these substances.

The risk of using water that is excessively rich in fixed residue is that of overloading the kidneys that are still under development. What mineral waters do you use for bottle feeding? Starting from the premise that for this as for all matters concerning the newborn it is essential to ask your pediatrician.

Infants feed only on milk (maternal or in formula) and that is enough to guarantee them the right amount of fluids and also water. There is no reason, therefore, especially for breastfed infants, to also administer the simple water that has, in general, a very fluid consistency and a non-flavor that does not give peace to very young children.

It makes sense to start offering water to newborns starting from 4 months, when we start to give them fruit in the early stages of weaning, for habitual especially to the consistency and novelty of water and its difference compared to milk.

Constipation can be a very frequent disorder in newborns, especially in those fed with infant formula. To try to remedy constipation and encourage evacuation, also increasing the softness of the stool, it can be useful:

Choose a milk already diluted in formula, is on sale in practical 470 ml Tupperware Bottles Online and is only heated: so make sure that the proportion between powder and water is exact. Let the child drink even away from feedings by choosing a water such as olive grove, which favors the digestive processes.

Ask the pediatrician if it is not the case to reduce the iron intake, which is contained in the formula and may be co-responsible for constipation. There are special sachets that are dissolved in milk and which can be useful to solve the problem. Always ask for advice from your pediatrician.

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