Health Tips For Women

Health Tips For Women

The pathway toward a healthier you is not difficult to find. The journey starts with a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle. A major part of the plan involves the right exercise regimen, diet and stress-relief strategy. Below are some health tips for women:

Exercise Daily

The more physically active you are, the better your health tips for women. Working out enhances heart health, improves bone strength, wards off health issues and builds muscle. Your weekly aim could be 2-and-a-half hours of modest activity like dancing or brisk walking. If vigorous exercise is possible, stick to 75 minutes per week of activities like playing tennis or running; also endeavor to include two days of strength training.

If your schedule is busy, commit to doing short bursts of activities during the day. Try to accomplish at least 10000 steps per day. You could park your car a good distance from your destination and forego the elevator and take the stairs. Add squats and lunges to create a power workout. Doing Pilates can also help with shedding pounds and lowering the risk of heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes.

Formulate a Wholesome Diet

There is a simple formula for following a healthy nutritional plan; this is especially true if your goal is to prevent health conditions such as strokes and heart disease. Below are examples of simple changes that can be made to foster healthier eating habits:

• Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
• Reduce your intake of processed foods, saturated fat, salt and sugar.
• Opt to eat more lean proteins such as fish, poultry, legumes and beans.
• Choose foods with whole grains. You can start by substituting brown rice for white and you also have the option of switching to whole wheat pasta.

Flexibility typically works best when eating healthy meals. If your preference is to follow a strict nutritional regime, you should go ahead; if it is not, that is okay too. The aim is to find a strategy that will work for you. Going for healthy foods, planning small meals and eating more often work well for many. There are even individuals who do not deny themselves anything; they simply control the portion size of the food they consume; for them, moderation is key.

Take Active Steps to Reduce Stress

Stress can greatly impact your health and although you probably cannot completely avoid it, the strategies below are usually helpful:

• Meditation
• Deep breathing
• Exercise
• Healthy eating
• Massage
• Talking to a professional counselor, family member or friend

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