How Do You Know If You Have The Best Android Box?

How Do You Know If You Have The Best Android Box?

The best android box gives you the best streaming options for entertainment. Whether you are buying a new android box or upgrading an old one, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Streaming Quality

Are you going to stream content in high definition or standard definition? Premium android boxes on the market allow you to stream content with up to 4K quality. Bear in mind that you can only enjoy such quality if your cable TV supports 4K. If you are getting an HD android box, ensure you have an HD TV as well.

Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching

Dynamic refresh rate switching or DRRS is a feature found in top-tier android boxes. This feature allows the android box to switch to low or high refresh rates. This moderates power consumption when the streaming device is active or idle.

For instance, gaming on an android box requires high refresh rates which consumed a lot of power. If you switch back to watching a favorite show, your android box switches to low frame rates as well. This helps save on utility bills in the long-run.

5.1 Audio Capability

If you are using an android box for home entertainment, you need the best surround sound. Go with an android box that comes with a 5.1 pass-through. This saves you the trouble of getting an audio console adapter that will support surround sound. This feature is also good for cable management.

Voice-enabled remote

A voice-enabled remote control allows you to search for content faster. Instead of typing one letter at a time on your TV or Computer, use the AI-enabled remote to tell your android box what to do. You can command your android box to stream music, play a movie or load your favorite game.

Customer Support

Get your android box from a company that has 24-hour customer service. Whenever you face any problems with your android box, you have immediate customer support. Also, go for an android box company that has excellent online support that provides actual solutions to any technical challenges you face while streaming.

Money-back Guarantee

With a plethora of Android boxes on the market today, it is hard to know which ones are genuine. An android box company that is willing to offer a money-back guarantee shows they have confidence in their product. Aim for at least 30-day money back guarantee if the issue you raised is not solved.


As you consider getting the best android box on the market, have the above points in mind. Additionally, read what other consumers are saying about a product before deciding to purchase it.

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