How Much Are Celebrity Photos Worth?

How Much Are Celebrity Photos Worth?

Ever wondered just how much paparazzi make? Is the job really worth the aggressiveness, constantly following after people and the impending risk of lawsuits? There are hundreds if not thousands of examples where paparazzi have faced legal action for infringing into the privacy of A-listers. The most notable one is perhaps Princess Diana’s accident in France in 1997. The paparazzi almost never saw the light of day after trying to take shots of the scene of the accident, particularly the Princess of Wales’ wounded face.

The High End Photos

So, to answer the earlier question about whether being a paparazzo is really worth it, we will say it certainly is. You would be shocked to learn that his rather queer job can fetch you great rewards. According to Huffington Post, if you do your job right, you can rake in $1 million and more just for one shot—yes, just a single shot. Obviously, the picture will have to be worth it. You cannot run around with your camera taking shots of just anyone; you have to show the face of someone that matters. Think Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kids, Lindsay Lohan’s deteriorating face after a court session or Kim Kardashian’s growing baby bump.

How to maximize profits as a paparazzo

If you can get your hands on a cheating scandal involving a big Hollywood name, for instance, you will certainly smile all the way to the bank. More dollars will dance in your account if the photo is in its rawest form ever. Remember the photos that leaked when Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson in 2012? Imagine the bucks that flew in the direction of such the paparazzo in question! Agencies love purchasing celebrity photos of this nature.

As a paparazzo, you have to stay above the competition to get big bucks for your celebrity photos. Los Angeles alone has over 150 paparazzi, which means you have to pull different strategies to score high. Otherwise, you will average $200 or even less per shot. You have to know what excites people as well as what can go viral at any given moment or season. For instance, Kim’s photos with Kanye may seem worthless now because they are all over while Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s still tilt many heads.


Celebrity photos can be cheap or expensive depending on the trends of the entertainment space. Before purchasing celebrity photos, agencies mainly look at how exclusive the shot it and who exactly is on it. If it will draw the attention of crowds, they will certainly pay every last penny just to have it.

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