How To Avoid Being Scammed When Purchasing Apartments For Sale In Costa Blanca

How To Avoid Being Scammed When Purchasing Apartments For Sale In Costa Blanca

Scammers have infiltrated the property industry in Costa Blanca by a massive scale in recent years. Unfortunately, unsuspecting and potential homeowners have lost their life savings to the tricks and charms of property scammers. The fact that you are investing a tremendous amount of money calls for your diligence when dealing with property brokers and agents. So, what can you do to protect yourself from apartment for sale Costa Blanca scams?

1. Embark On a Thorough Research Journey

Before sending your hard-earned money to unknown persons or signing any agreement form, it’s best to conduct in-depth research on the property broker or agent as well as the apartment itself. Start your research on websites for government agencies that regulate professionals and properties. Then proceed to request for identification documents, agent licenses, authorization letters, and authentic apartment documents from the property representative. Moreover, make an effort to visit the property owner or agent in person.

2. Visit The Apartment

Visiting the property in person serves two things; to validate that the building is the one advertised on the web or flyers and to inspect the condition of the apartment. Conventionally, property scammers will display captivating photos in the ads. Nonetheless, you may find that the apartment is the complete opposite of what is advertised or even unavailable. The available one may be too expensive or in a dilapidated condition. Consequently, visit the said apartment to verify that it’s the same one you saw on flyers or online and that it’s in optimum condition.

3. Avoid a seller that asks for money early on

Never give or wire your hard-earned money to anyone claiming to be a property owner or agent before seeing the property and verifying the legitimacy of the deal. Scammers will even sell non-existent properties or properties they have no claim to and try the best tricks to convince you to send them money. Avoid the cheap lies and first, verify everything.

4. Avoid cash payments

Scammers will insist on cash payment to eliminate any paper trail on a deal-gone-wrong. Surprisingly, some con artists will not be interested in the full price of the apartment in a bid to get you to pay cash without a second thought. Consequently, always pay through checks or bank transfers for future reference should the deal go wrong.

5. Get legal assistance

A property attorney knows key details about property ownership and transfer. Consequently, hire the services of a property lawyer to guard your interests during the sale. The legal expert will draw up the sales agreement and guide you during the transfer.

It’s easy to lose a massive amount of money to apartments for sale Costa Blanca scams. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to be a victim. Use the guidelines above to avoid being scammed when purchasing an apartment that has found its way into your heart and mind.

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