How To Avoid Bike Accidents

How To Avoid Bike Accidents

Bike remain useful when trying to go around in any terrain. Although most people use them for short distances, they can go as far as the rider can take them. Such is the beauty of human-powered transportation. Go for a handful of miles or a few hundred. Ride alone or with your friends. You can get a bike at any age unlike with cars. You can go without having a license, insurance, registration, and other things that make car ownership so cumbersome. You are less likely to get into a serious accident compared to a motorcycle as well. However, it does remain a possibility. Here’s how to avoid bike accidents:

Slow Things Down

One of the major reasons why people get into bicycle accident lawyer is that they go too fast along the roads. This is true for all types of vehicles from bikes to trucks. The lack of a motor means that cyclists are unlikely to zoom in the roads for sustained periods but it can happen with extremely fit athletes. Gentle long rides with a group are possible out in the highways but consider more quiet routes if you want to go fast. Be particularly careful when going down hills as gravity will pull you faster. It is easy to lose control.

Stay Focused

Try to stay focused while riding. Although it may be nice to check out the scenery and the people around, you need to have the presence of mind to react immediately to stimulus. If you see a pedestrian crossing the street, then you must be able to slow down or swerve to avoid them. If you see an incoming vehicle, then you should be able to move away in a snap. Always remember that you are extremely vulnerable because you are not in an enclosed space. You have to be defensive minded when on the roads.

Wear Safety Gear

You can also avoid accidents by wearing bright clothes or using items that glow in the dark. If cars can see you, then they can adjust to your presence. Avoid wearing dark outfits unless you are part of a group of riders as your numbers will make you more visible. Always test your breaks and your lights before going out. They can save your life. Wear a reliable helmet that can protect your head from concussions.

In case you do figure in a bike accident, call an experienced bicycle accident lawyer right away.

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