How To Choose The Best Breathable Weighted Blanket

How To Choose The Best Breathable Weighted Blanket

The demand for weighted blankets keeps on skyrocketing for the last few years from the belief that it improves sleep, stabilizes blood pressure, treats anxiety, and other neurological disorders. Both online and local retailers are struggling to supply the market with these blankets and make a kill. However, are all weighted blankets breathable and suitable for you? This is an important question that every prospect must ask themselves.Below are guidelines to follow when purchasing breathable weighted blanket.

Establish Its Weight

Is any weight right for your breathable blanket needs? Physicians recommend blankets that are equivalent to 10% of the individual weight. Regarding your general weight, choose blankets that have between ten to 25 pounds. Younger adults may consider blankets with lesser weight for safety.

However, a good blanket must be a little hard to push away for you. Upon getting a soothing effect while asleep, you may push the blanket away without noticing. As such, its essential to get a heavier blanket that will not frequently fall when sleeping. Always follow the 10% rule when buying breathable blankets.

Safety Issues

When sleeping, most people have little control over what happens in the surrounding environment. Therefore, buying blankets that will not jeopardize your breathing habit or create extreme hot conditions is necessary. Also, ensure the purchased blankets are comfortable for kids and will not suffocate them. Experts recommend using the blanket on kids above 2 years.

Forcing someone to use the blankets might cause nerve damage. Instead of treating different conditions, it will cause anxiety and several issues that are sleep-related. Only use a blanket that can be maneuvered easily and is verified as a treatment for your condition.

The Size and Thickness

The blanket market offers a different dimension and size. However, the chosen blanket must fit the user and not the bed. Unlike other blankets that must spread across the bed, weighted ones are only meant for exact body covering. Get the right body measurements including your height, to have a fitting blanket. Moreover, the size may differ if the blankets will be used when traveling by car or flight.

Breathable weighted blanket have pockets that are filled with different parents making them look thick. However, the fabric type and material used in filling the pockets determine how thick a blanket can get. Therefore, check on this important factor to avoid getting blankets that will interfere with your comfort.

Final Verdict

The use of breathable weighted blankets has abundant health benefits, and the wrong choice can affect your experience. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above when shopping for an ideal blanket for your need.

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