Information On Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Information On Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Pharmaceutical intermediates are essentially the chemical compounds that serve as building blocks in active pharmaceutical ingredient production. Pharmaceutical intermediates are created while active pharmaceutical ingredients are being synthesized or during the manufacturing process. These pharmaceutical intermediates undergo further molecular processing and changes before they are turned into an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

Market Drivers and Restraints

The intermediates market is tremendously dynamic and is among the fastest growing industries. Since the intermediates serve as building blocks of APIs, the intermediates market is expected to grow as well.

Over the last few years, a profound shift towards research has occurred. This growth is expected to result in significant development in the intermediates market. However, increasing regulatory barriers and mounting economic pressure are projected to stall growth.

Market Overview

It is expected that the global intermediates market will show substantial growth. It is also expected that greater production of active ingredients will boost the demand of intermediates. There is an increase in lifestyle diseases and the senior population, which is vulnerable to these diseases, is also increasing.

As such, drug requirements will escalate and so will the pharmaceutical intermediate markets. Additionally, patent expiration is among the key factor motivating the overall development of the generics drug market. As such, increasing generic drug is projected to boost the making of active pharmaceutical ingredients. In turn, this is expected to drive the development of the pharmaceutical markets.

Pharmaceutical companies dominate intermediates market and this domination is expected to continue over the period of forecast. There is also expected to be an increase in research within the pharmaceutical industry, which will drive research lab development.

Market Regions

Geographically speaking, the worldwide pharmaceutical intermediates market is segmented as follows:

• Latin America
• North America
• Eastern Europe
• Western Europe
• Japan and Middle East and Africa
• Asia Pacific excluding Japan

The largest and most attractive marketplace for pharmaceutical ingredients is North America. This stems from its superior infrastructure and the presence of major pharmaceutical companies in the region. It is expected that North America will continue to dominate the global marketplace over the period of forecast.

It is also expected that the Asia Pacific will become the fastest growing intermediates market because of its large number of contract manufacturing organizations. The Asia Pacific region is dominated by Japan and China which are among largest pharmaceutical markets. Other regions are also projected to show substantial growth because of increasing pharmaceutical consumption.

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