Introduction To Aucmatica Consultant

Introduction To Aucmatica Consultant

If building a customer file for your online store is a challenge, you should consider offering a loyalty program. Creating a loyalty program is a great way to encourage customers to repeat their purchases with your brand while ensuring their satisfaction.

As part of a classic loyalty program, your customers can enjoy certain benefits or gifts in exchange for their purchases with your brand. Your business will benefit from the following competitive advantages:

More visibility for your brand. Aucmatica Consultant recommends promoting the benefits of your loyalty program will provide more visibility to your business, and will make you stand out from the competition.
A higher conversion rate. Offering benefits for purchases will help you convert and retain customers while increasing sales.

The loyalty of your customers. If rewards multiply over time, your customer loyalty rate will be higher; therefore, the frequency of purchase of customers will increase gradually.
How to create a loyalty program? What loyalty actions will dictate the success of your system?

Types of benefits to offer

An Aucmatica Consultant advises you to think about the most frequent, creative and qualitative rewards to offer your customers: The gift with a purchase. Gifts offered to thank the customer for their purchase – or the gift offered once a purchase threshold has been reached – are one of the most common benefits.

For example, you could offer a free sample for any purchase over 20 dollars, or offer one of your best sales once the customer has reached more than 100 dollars online purchase. The nature of your gift should be in line with the needs of your target and your brand to encourage more shopping, and gain visibility through word of mouth.
Holidays. Gifts in the form of products is good; but, the experiences are better.

Offering a vacation is a big expense; but the benefits could be just as great. Think about holiday packages for your most loyal customers, or hold a lottery to win prizes for your customers; for example, a weekend in London including accommodation for one or two winners.

A lottery with prestigious awards. Organizing a lottery with high value-added prices – such as televisions, game consoles, or mobile devices – is often highly valued by some brands. The advantage lies in the value of the price in the eyes of customers. As the cost is divided among hundreds (if not thousands) of participants, it will not affect your profitability as shown by an Aucmatica Consultant.

Gift cards and in-store credits. If you encourage repeat customers to come back often, you could reward them with gift cards and in-store credits. For example, a gift card of 10 dollars for any purchase of 100 dollars. Loyal customers come back and a continuous cycle is created, which favors sales.

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