Introduction To Corporate Computer Solutions Sydney

Introduction To Corporate Computer Solutions Sydney

To manage your website at 360 degrees a good course in web marketing would be useful but you should know that speed update is not an update that will impact on all websites overnight. Firstly, Google guarantees time to apply the necessary updates, secondly, it is important to remember that the content of a website are still a fundamental element: the user’s research intent is, still today, a factor decisive.

If your website has, inside, interesting content that can meet the needs of the user, it is unlikely to be penalized. A page, even if slow, can still enjoy a good positioning as long as it pleases the user who searches for a certain information as shown by Corporate Computer Solutions Sydney.

Speed update is an update that goes to implement Mobile First Indexing, the project through which search engines will, over time, give priority to mobile sites. As you can imagine, today, most of the research is done through mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, which are the first devices we use when we need to do research on the net: therefore natural to benefit websites that favor this technology.

What are the SEO elements that affect the loading speed of a web page? You must know that the average time to load a web page is 2.5 seconds in the desktop version, while the percentage of abandonment corresponds to 25% when the response time of a site exceeds 4 seconds; instead, it reaches 50% when the average time exceeds 10 seconds as shown by Corporate Computer Solutions Sydney.

Having a site with many pages with a below-average upload speed could, therefore, be very disastrous, especially for an e-commerce: remember, longer waiting times, fewer online purchases.

For this reason you need to know some valuable tips: there are, in fact, different elements that positively (or negatively) affect the loading of a web page. Let’s see some. Images with heavy weight affect particularly loading. It is necessary to insert graphic elements with a correct quality / weight ratio even at the cost of forgetting in terms of sharpness.

Google has launched a very important project in order to improve the speed of websites, is called AMP and has the goal of reducing the data used by mobile pages in order to improve the loading speed. There is talk of a speed increase of about 4 times higher than the average, a real strength for both users and search engines. The right implementation of AMP can bring significant advantages in terms of positioning in the SERPs.

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