Introduction To Solar Panel Films

Introduction To Solar Panel Films

The full-time or off-peak rate option associated with Solar Panel Films can be attractive for you if your lifestyle allows you to take advantage of the 8 hours a day when the price of electricity is reduced. Off-peak hours and peak hours are set by the electricity distribution network manager:.

The quality of electricity and gas remains the same: it is guaranteed by the distribution network operators of the municipality and do not depend on the supplier chosen. To install oneself the electricity in one’s house can not be improvised. First you need to be sure you have all the basic knowledge and experience in the field to get started.

If this is not the case, not only your safety and that of your loved ones can be threatened (electrocution, fire), but it could also play tricks in the future and make your daily life in your new home much less pleasant. It is better to use a professional electrician. Feel free to compare quotes to save money. On the other hand, if you are sure of yourself and your skills, you will have to respect several rules.

To start, all electrical installations, domestic or not, must comply with the electrical safety standard NFC 15-100. Also called standard C 15-100 since its recent evolution, it imposes very strict rules which vary according to the rooms of the house. For example, if the living room is less than 28 m², it must be equipped with at least 5 earthed outlets.

Also, do not forget to take into account the price of the connection as it is different for commissioning electricity and commissioning gas. This comparison of the price of electricity and gas, you will also find what is the cheapest electricity supplier for you.

If it is bigger, it will be necessary to envisage 7 minimum catches, with a catch dedicated to the networks of communication. A room, meanwhile, must have at least 3 earthed outlets, in addition to two other outlets located near the main switch or dedicated to communication networks. In addition, the standard NFC 15-100, or C 15-100, requires the establishment of an Electrical Space Electrical Housing, which designates the new location where all the circuit breakers and the central cutout. This site must also meet certain standards.

First and foremost, the most important is to get in the habit of always turning off the power when handling an electrical installation (Solar Panel Films). The first step in setting up a domestic electrical installation is to make the electrical diagram of the house. It is then necessary to take into account the minimum electrical equipment imposed by the NFC 15-100 standard.

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