Learn This Before You Start Your Catwalk Lessons

Learn This Before You Start Your Catwalk Lessons

As an aspiring model, one of the things you need to familiarize yourself with in order to make it in the industry one day is a catwalk. However, remember that a catwalk is an art and it takes time to perfect. But do not worry because, all journeys, however long, start with one step. The first thing you need to do is to find out how to work on your walking technique in heels by simply keeping one foot in front of the other. After you master this, learn how to keep your facial expressions focused and poised. Then, learn how to put your personality into your stride with confidence and rhythm. We are going to teach you how to do it all in our simplified catwalk lessons.

1. Setting Your Facial Expressions

The first thing you need to do is to set your chin facing slightly down. The trick is to imagine that you have an invisible string attached at the top of your head that is pulling your face up. Do not over-do it because you will be above the audience when doing the catwalk and obviously they want to see more of your face. Therefore, learn how to balance it perfectly.

Also, do not smile. Remember to close your mouth and maintain it in a natural position. Smiling might distract the audience from the clothes you are wearing.

Finally, in setting your facial expressions, keep your eyes focused on something in front of you. Doing this will help you in staying focused and in looking alert and at attention.

2. Walking and Posture

To maintain a good modeling posture, stand up straight. In your mind, imagine that there is a string attached to your spine that is holding you up, and that is also attached to the top of your head. Remember to keep your body loose while doing it.

Now, let’s work on your strides. When walking, place one foot in front of the other. Walk with long strides. The best way to pull this off is by imagining that you are walking on a rope and keeping one foot in front of the other. This allows your hips to swing in a classic way. Remember to project confidence when pulling off this walk.

Your arms should stay relaxed and hang at your sides. Do not swing your arms as much as your body. Let the hand swing slowly.

3. Working an Attitude

The way to do this is by playing a strong beat with attitude in your mind and keeping its rhythm consistent with your steps. Act flirty and confident as you step to the rhythm. Then when you get to the end of the walk, pose a bit, and with confidence, lean on one hip. Look at the audience, and let loose on your focus a bit.

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