Maintenance Tips For Your Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Maintenance Tips For Your Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Glass pool fences are incredibly classy, elegant, and suitable additions for the modern home. The frameless design gives the pool area an aesthetically appealing look that can transform the entire outdoor space. What’s more, the glass used in making pool fences is toughened and durable, and you don’t have to worry about repairs or regular replacements. However, glass requires proper maintenance to last long. So, if you have a frameless glass pool fence, here are a few maintenance tips that will help preserve its appearance and extend its durability.

1. Clean the Glass Regularly

Glass tends to collect a lot of dust from the environment, especially during the summer. Increased activity around the pool will also leave the fence with fingerprints and stains. Therefore, you need to regularly clean the fence to maintain its beautiful look. Use your regular dishwashing liquid soap and a sponge to clean the glass and rinse it afterward. Dry the glass with a lint-free washcloth. You can also let the glass air dry. Don’t use commercial cleaning solutions as they tend to leave residue behind and make the fence look foggy even after a thorough cleaning.

2. Maintain the fittings

Besides cleaning the glass, you also need to take care of the pool fence spigots and hinges. These fittings play an important role in the performance of your fence. If the hinges aren’t maintained, they can cause the fence to squeak as you open and close the fence gate. Therefore, clean the hinges to get rid of dirt and debris. If you notice that the gate is squeaky, you should tension the hinges and lubricate them. Remember to clean the pool fence spigots as well. These tend to accumulate dust and dirt which can degrade the material over time. Clean the spigots with dishwashing liquid and rinse thoroughly to give them a beautiful look.

3. Conduct Preventive Maintenance

Regularly inspecting your pool fence even when nothing is wrong can help you identify problems and prevent them before they blow up. For example, unnoticed animal or bird droppings can erode the glass and fence fittings. An inspection can help you identify the presence of animal droppings and clean the glass before it gets eroded. If you have broken glass, you can replace it before it poses a safety hazard in your pool. Inspect your glass pool fence at least twice a month to ensure that you can detect problems before they arise.

Follow these simple maintenance tips to extend the durability and aesthetic appeal of your glass pool fence. Strive to avoid DIY repairs, especially if you aren’t sure of what is required in repairing a glass fence. Seek professional help to avoid costly repairs down the road.

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