Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Drag And Drop App Builder

Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Drag And Drop App Builder

Most users of drag and drop app builder tools tend to be novices when it comes to user interface design. Their lack of knowledge and experience on this subject may show in their initial efforts. However, the can quickly improve by learning from their mistakes and those of others. Simply knowing the most common pitfalls that hound greenhorn designers, they should be able to improve their work and come up with better apps for their businesses. In this article, we focus on three things that can easily be avoided.

The Use of Jargon

When you are designing the navigation for your app, it’s best to stick for the standard labels instead of inventing your own. For example, “Home”, “Back”, and “Exit” are easily understood. Users already know what to expect when they see these on any program. Don’t replace them with things like “Abode”, “Rearward”, and “Goodbye” just to be unique. They may be confused as to what they are seeing. There should be close to zero adjustment, especially when it comes to the navigation since this is the key that unlocks every page on the drag and drop app builder. Make it as intuitive as possible so that users can do what they need to do right away.

Bland Visual for Controls

Minimalist design may not be bad per se. If the entire page is fairly simple with only a few key details, then having buttons that are the same color as the background may be fine. Just make sure that they are readable and easy to spot. However, it might be a different case when the page includes maps or colorful images. The user may not be able to spot where to click in such a visually cluttered screen. Make the controls pop by changing their color, extending their width, and giving them greater visual weight. These should pop so that people can click them right away and finish the transaction.

Inconsistency of Design Elements

It is also common for novices to get excited about the various design elements available. They might choose a different color combination for every page or use several fonts across the app. The entire layout may change from one section to another. This can be dizzying for any user. It’s like opening a room inside a house and feeling that you got lost. Pick combinations that work and stick to them. People like to see consistency and predictability within an app.

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