Myths On Aluminium Wheel Chair Ramps Debunked

Myths On Aluminium Wheel Chair Ramps Debunked

When thinking about wheelchair ramps, what comes to mind is a long modular piece of metal that can go a couple of feet down a gradual slope. Others think that the ramp is too expensive to buy, or how long it will last considering the cost of buying it. But the truth of the matter is not all that you think about a ramp is true. For this reason, this article will debunk some of the myths people have on aluminium wheel chairs ramps.

Myth #1; May Cause Permanent Renovation

Most people assume that a wheel chair ramp will result in them needing a permanent renovation to their home. This assumption is true especially if you decide to build a large winding metal or wooden ramp. But there are other temporary options that you can try. For instance, in case you need a relatively short ramp to place over the step leading to your front door, you can opt for an aluminum folding ramp. The good thing about this type of ramp is that it is foldable, meaning that you can fold it after use to only measure half the length of the step, therefore, saving a lot of space when storing it. Another good thing about the aluminum ramp is that it is strong enough to support any wheel chair regardless of your weight, and also, it can be moved whenever need be.

Myth #2: Difficult to Install

Another myth that we are going to debunk that many people have about wheel chair ramps is that they are difficult to install. This myth is not true. Most aluminum ramps, whether they are trifold, suitcase, modular, or threshold have been designed with the needs of an average person in mind. Those who manufacture them understand that most people do not want to spend too much money, or deal with having to hire someone to come and install it for them. For this reason, the ramps they manufacture are designed for easy installation and they also come with a manual that instructs the user how to install it in just a few minutes.

Myth #3: Low Strength and Durability

Another question that people ask on wheel chair ramps is if they can really support their weight. Well, aluminum wheel chair ramps are strong enough to support any type of mobility aid you may be using; whether it is just a lightweight cane or a heavy motorized scooter. Most ramps can support weights of between 600 and 850 lbs. This means that they can comfortably accommodate your weight plus that of your mobility aid. Another thing about aluminum ramps is that they are not only strong and durable, but they are also light in weight.
Aluminum ramps are strong, durable, and lightweight. Apart from that, they are designed for easy installation. Therefore, we hope that we have debunked any myths you had on these ramps.

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