The Need For Vibration Testing

The Need For Vibration Testing

Vibrating testing is often conducted at various points in the development of a product. Items are placed on vibration test tables that shake according to the desired intensity and direction of the operator. Different types of technologies are used to accomplish this task. There are hydraulic, pneumatic, piston, and other types of vibrators. The designs of the test tables vary widely as well. Some are small while others are as large as a room. The biggest manufacturers have their own at their research and development laboratories. Smaller companies may opt to outsource testing to specialists that have the necessary high-cost equipment. Through this process, they are able to accomplish the following:

Improving Product Design

The product design goes through numerous changes over the course of development, as it should. Initial drafts and prototypes need to be polished before they can be ready for mass production. From time to time, the most recent iteration should be subjected to vibration testing to reveal any weaknesses. It is better to abuse the products in the labs where they can be fixed in case something goes wrong rather than sell them immediately to customers who will be angry due to the problems they encounter. It is the job of the fault analysts and quality engineers to ensure that the best version reaches the market.

Getting Regulatory Qualifications

Sometimes the tests are conducted to ensure regulatory compliance and qualification in various standards. For instance, a manufacturer that wants to sell products to the military must make sure that their offerings will be up to the task. Soldiers need reliable equipment in the field. They face harsh conditions out there and their gear will always be exposed to the elements. Often, the military specs call for waterproofing up to a certain depth, dustproofing, shock-proofing, and so on. The vibrations of the test tables can be set to the required level to see if the product will fail or pass.

Ensuring Durability

Lastly, these tables are needed to ensure the durability of the products. Longevity and quality will make buyers love the brand. They will be more likely to make another purchase in the future and recommend the item to their friends. If they are particularly pleased, they might even write a glowing review online which will help convince others to take the plunge. This also avoids embarrassments such as product faults that may result in costly recalls or returns. Companies have to spend a lot of money putting out the fire with PR and customer service when problems like these happen. Using vibration test tables widely prevents such headaches.

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