Pole Dancing Knee Pads

Pole Dancing Knee Pads

Athletic wear specifically designed for pole dancing is now a reality. This should not be a surprise because pole dancing is growing in popularity as a form of exercise and recreation among women. It is most strongly associated with the red light show or gentleman’s club entertainment, but pole dancers are known for both their fitness and their acrobatics skill. A good pole can challenge both in the amateur, and pole dancing knee pads can help to avoid injury.

A growing number of people seriously see a dance pole as a serious exercise instrument. Similar devices have been used in ballet studious for years, although their function has mostly been to support students while they practice various leg stretches. They are still great supports and can be held while doing stretches. A more skilled practitioner can even grip the pole with one leg and stretch their stomach.

Dancing with a pole means partially climbing up the pole and then suspending the body with the arms and maybe pressure from one leg. Tilting to the side is a tremendous exercise for the core while extending the leg on the pole is a powerful exercise for the legs. It takes both strength and control to do advanced maneuvers, so it actually is a very good tool for exercise.

Expert pole dancers seldom worry about having to land on their knees, but doing do can be painful because of the pressure on the kneecap. The knee is well known to be vulnerable to injury, and not all dance poles happen to be located on padded floors. IF the floor is hardwood, then there is an increased chance of injury. Pole dance knee pads provide a buffer against a hard landing, and they also prevent scrapes to the skin.

On the whole, they are very attractive accessories. They look like conventional athletic wear even though they have a very specific purpose. They can be used during other athletic activities such as soccer or rollerblading. It is great to have a little extra protection while engaged in sports.

These pads do not have hard surfaces like elbow pads but have soft padding inside a flexible frame. They are designed to provide both comfort and maximum flexion because acrobatics is the name of the game. It is great to have a knee guard that does not stand in the way of practicing advanced moves but is there if they are really needed.

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