Printing Services In Kalgoorlie

Printing Services In Kalgoorlie

Bond paper is the most common type for non-professional use (for example, to feed home printers and Printing Services in Kalgoorlie) and is also used for printing most pocket and non-pocket books. The weights of which the bond is produced are many and range from 60g up to 350g. In fact, above a certain weight (170g) it would be more correct to talk about cards in natural paper, but these terms can further complicate the subject.

Bond paper has very different characteristics from coated papers: it completely absorbs the ink in its own fiber and this makes it unsuitable to accept four-color printing on areas with very high density.

For this reason it is almost always used for printing pages that are covered only by text and for this reason (and also because of the lower cost) it is used to print books with long print runs, such as large-scale editions. Identical to the traditional paper in all its characteristics, it has only a color tending to yellow or ivory instead of a perfect white. It is used for valuable editions that want to simulate a parchment effect.

It is available in weights that generally range from 90g up to 350g and has excellent characteristics of brightness and color rendering. At equal weight, it is less transparent than glossy and has a slightly warmer white. It can be laminated, painted or used as a base for other processes. The color is absorbed little in the paper fiber allowing complete drying and color stability over time very high.

The photographs printed on this paper acquire the typical glossy effect, always very refined. At the technical level we can say that the colors are homogeneous and compact, with an excellent definition of the contours and a perfect rendering of the nuances.

For these reasons it is the most used paper for printing magazines and catalogs, advertising brochures, Printing Services in Kalgoorlie and books with many illustrations.

Glossy paper

It has very similar characteristics to the opaque coated paper as regards the production methods and normally the paper mills supply it in the same grammage and format as the opaque coated. In the same way it can be worked with the same techniques and with the application of high layers. What varies is obviously the type of patina applied on the surface, which has a more polished appearance.

This layer is thinner and more transparent than the opaque patina and therefore the paper results (with equal weight) less covering. If it should happen to vary the type from glossy matte to glossy coated it is good to remember this feature and increase the weight of the paper, in order to avoid that the print on the back of the sheet can be seen from the other side.

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