Renting A Party Boat In Miami: Steps To Follow

Renting A Party Boat In Miami: Steps To Follow

Party boat rentals are quite common in Miami. Their demands are growing by the day, and there are several boat rental agencies providing such services at affordable rates. But how do you rent a party boat in Miami? What are the steps that you need to follow? Well, by following these simple 3 steps, the reality of renting a boat in Miami is going to be seamless and accessible than ever:

1. Determine the type of boat that you want to rent as well as the amount of money you are willing to pay. There are a lot of options when it comes to Miami part boat hire packages. You can rent anything from canoes, kayaks, bass boats, to luxury yachts. You also have an option to hire a party boat for a day, a weekend, or for a whole week. You should also determine the number of guests who will be aboard your party boat so that you can estimate how much you going to be charged per head.

2. Decide the type of water activities you plan to do besides partying. Your guests may be interested in water skiing, tubing, snookering, swimming, diving, and wakeboarding among other aquatic adventures. Ask your guests some of the activities they may be interested in so that you update your list accordingly. Other on-water experiences that you may also consider include fishing, sightseeing, lunging on the sub deck, dining, and beach hopping.

3. Once you’ve settled on all the logistics and fun activities, you need to choose the best boat rental package for you and your guests and make reservations beforehand. Most Miami party boat hire companies will require your credit number (so that they can invoice you part of the payment) or ask you to settle the whole amount before your event. It is highly recommended to clear all inquiries with the boat rental company at this point so that you understand some of the Do’s and Don’ts that guide a particular company. While there are companies that specify what you should bring and what you shouldn’t in your agreement form, others don’t. So it is always good to ask before you sign the agreement or contract form.

As you can see, hiring a party boat rental in Miami is quite simple. Perhaps the last thing that you may need to figure out is whether you are going to operate the boat yourself or if you are going to hire captain. If you want to just sit back and enjoy the party or if you don’t feel comfortable operating the vessel, consider hiring a captain to sail your guests to the proverbial sunset.

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