Ruling Pens For Painting Straight Lines

Painting portraits, nature landscapes, and still life is typically done freehand as the lines don’t require precision to a great degree. This changes when you are trying to paint architectural landscapes because you need things to align in exactly the right way to be truthful to the subject. Even slight deviations are easy to spot because of the clarity of the straight lines. This is a classic dilemma in the art world. Fortunately, a simple solution exists in the form of ruling pens. Let’s see why these are perfect for this type of work compared to traditional brushes.

Why Brushes Won’t Work

A novice in this kind of style may try brushes of all kinds and discover what many have already found out before: it doesn’t work. Even using the finest brush will likely yield an uneven stroke throughout the length of the lines. Some parts will be thicker than others. This is not the way to create a realistic impression of a building. It will be too distracting to see the imperfections, especially if you are aiming to show a structure that is reputed for its perfect ratios and grand design.

Some people try all sorts of things to get their brush stroke steady. If they can do it freehand, then perhaps using a straight edge would work. This seems to be a sensible method since we often use rulers to create a neat line. However, that was usually with the help of a pencil or an ink pen. With a brush, the paint will only creep to the underside of the ruler and create a bigger mess. Have a go at it and you will see how frustrating it can get. There is clearly a better way.

How to Use a Ruling Pen for Painting

That way involves the use of ruling pens. These are drawing tools with adjustable metal tips and a long handle. There are two blades between which is an adjustable distance. This tip is usually dipped into an ink bottle before the pen is used to create a stroke on paper. In the case of painting, just mix your oil or acrylic paint to the right consistency and place some on the tip. Draw a line and watch it create an even stroke every time. To make sure that it’s straight, you can use a ruler to guide the pen.

Don’t worry about making a mess like you did with the brush because the tip has a curved edge. You can rest this on the ruler with the paint flowing further out. It will not touch the edge or smear the paint. It is the ideal solution for any type of drawing that requires this amount of precision. Get your ruling pens online today.

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