Sclera Contacts White: Everything You Need to Know

Sclera Contacts White: Everything You Need to Know

Sclera contacts white, also known as full-sclera contacts, are a type of contact lens that covers the entire white part of the eye, leaving only the pupil area exposed. These lenses give the wearer an eerie, eye-popping effect, making them a popular choice for Halloween or cosplay events.

While they may look cool, wearing sclera contacts white requires caution and care. Here’s everything you need to know about sclera contacts white:

Custom Fitting is a Must

Sclera contacts white are significantly larger than regular contact lenses, so it’s crucial to have them custom fitted by a licensed eye doctor to ensure maximum comfort and safety. A regular eye exam is also necessary before fitting to check for potential medical conditions, such as iritis or conjunctivitis, that may make wearing these lenses uncomfortable or even harmful.

Cleaning is Key

Like all contact lenses, sclera contacts white require daily cleaning and disinfecting before and after use to prevent eye infections. It’s essential to use the appropriate lens care solution recommended by the lens manufacturer and avoid using tap or bottled water as a cleaning solution at all costs. Wearing sclera contacts white for long periods can also cause dry eyes, so using eye drops as recommended by the doctor can help.

Sclera Contacts White Can Cause Vision Impairment

Sclera contacts white can cause impaired vision due to their opaque design that covers the iris, which can make it challenging to see in low-lit areas. As such, it is highly recommended to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while wearing sclera contacts white. Additionally, wearing these lenses can make it challenging to read, watch TV or recognize faces due to their limited visibility.

Possible Side Effects

Wearing sclera contacts white for extended periods can cause side effects such as corneal scratches, swelling, and ulcers. These conditions can cause blurred vision, redness, and pain. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, irregularities in the lens’ design, such as air bubbles or thickness variations, can also lead to corneal abrasions or deposits on the cornea.

Tips for Safe Use

Wearing sclera contacts white is not recommended for more than six to eight hours a day, and it is vital to avoid sleeping in them. Applying makeup or using the lenses if already experiencing conjunctivitis or other eye infections is also not recommended. Lastly, never share your lenses with friends or family as it significantly increases the risk of eye infections or other conditions.

While sclera contacts white can definitely bring out the wow factor, it comes with significant risks. It is vital to consult with an eye doctor before using these lenses, ensure they are well fitted, and to follow proper cleaning rituals. Sclera contacts white require extra care when wearing, as they can cause significant side effects and impairments that can affect daily activities. Ultimately, safety and caution should come first to avoid potential permanent eye damage that can result from unsafe use.

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