What Shoes To Wear With A Sequin Cocktail Dress?

What Shoes To Wear With A Sequin Cocktail Dress?

Looking forward to grabbing eyeballs the next time you attend a cocktail party? — wear a sequin cocktail dress. Bright, sparkly and eye-catching, sequined dresses are irresistible and never fail to make a statement. However, wearing the right footwear with your sequined dress is important to create a fabulous look. To make your sequin pieces to shine, choose shoes that will complement your cocktail dress rather than steal the glamour of your dress. Listed below are some suggestions that can help you pick the best shoe styles and colors to suit your sequin dress.

What shoes to wear with a sequin cocktail dress?

Choose black: Pairing black shoes with your sequined dress will let your dress sparkle and make your feet look glam. While wearing strapped black heels can make you look more sassy and sexier, wearing thinner straps will make you look daintier. Black heel pumps are a great option for all those wearing a multicolored sequin dress.

Wear Gold: Wearing gold shoes can help add a little more sparkle to your look without going overboard. A pair of gold heels or open toe pumps is a good choice for your match your full gold sequin dress.

Go Red: A sequined dress is bright by definition and mirroring that with a bright color (such as red) on your feet can do wonders. Bright red heels are a perfect option when paired with a white, blue, silver, grey, brown or even black sequined number.

Play with texture: Using striking textures for your shoes will not only help add visual interest to your cocktail outfit, but also helps subtly balance your look with sequin dresses. Wear shoes that are either in satin, silk or are shiny. Wearing basic leather heels that feature patterns or interesting cutouts across the surface is another great option that can help add dimension to the overall look.

Rock with metallic: Pairing your sequined dress with metallic shoes in silver, gold, copper, bronze or pewter can make you appear somewhat dressy and look more coordinated.

Tips to buy shoes for a Sequined dress

• Apart from black heels, buying nude heels that closely match your skin tone is another great option that can help you accessorize your cocktail dress with sequins properly.
• If you are planning to wear a rose-colored sequin dress, ensure that you buy light pink or flesh-colored heels. Similarly, if you are wearing a silver sequin dress, buy grey or black suede boots
Avoid buying shoes with loud details or colors

Shoes can make or break your outfit. Pairing the right kind of shoes with your sequined dress will allow your sequin pieces to shine and not compete for the sparkly attention.

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