Spot The Ball Online Is Captivating

Spot The Ball Online Is Captivating

If you are not from the United Kingdom you might not be familiar with the popular game, spot the ball. Do not confuse it with the street game that includes three cups and one ball. The goal of this game is not to discover which of the three cups is concealing the ball. However, the goal of the game tends to be just as challenging. The game has become so popular that it has made an appearance on the Internet. Play a game of spot the ball online and you will quickly understand what the craze is all about.

Spot the ball is a game where you see a freeze frame of a football, or soccer, match. The ball is removed from the image and it is your job to discern where that ball is located. The concept of the game is as simple as it can be. However, actually pinpointing the position of the ball can be quite complicated.

The game originally gained popularity as a lottery game in a newspaper. Later, online additions of the game started to appear. Even though first games were based around a cash prize, it is just as fun to play the online versions that do not feature any monetary rewards.

In the newspaper games, you have to wait between one day and one week to discover if your selection was correct. In the online version, you instantly know if you have selected the right position or not. Several games inject a bit of humor using surprise images when you choose the wrong location. A Victorian man in tights, and a randomly placed cow, are a couple of the images shown when you pick incorrectly.

The online games feature escalating levels. The beginning levels show pictures where the location of the ball is fairly easy to detect. The higher the levels, the harder it is to determine the location of the missing ball. It seems natural to assume that everyone will be looking at the ball, however, this is a freeze frame. Most often the players are looking at where the ball was just milliseconds before. Then there is the fact that in many images not all the players are looking in the same direction.

Spot the ball online is a delightful game that is appropriate for all ages. It is just as fun to play in the newspaper. It will capture your attention even without a monetary prize.

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