Surprising Benefits Of Scalar Energy Healing To Humans

Surprising Benefits Of Scalar Energy Healing To Humans

Scalar energy was discovered several decades ago; however, underrated, underused, misconstrued and forgotten in recent days. In history dating back to 1900, Nicola Telsa discovered longitudinal electromagnetic waves today termed as scalar waves. Scalar waves are very powerful as they can transmit energy endlessly without decaying no matter the distance and time. Besides, the waves can transmit information which has a healing impact. In the human bodies, there is a network of energy channels circulating from the head to the toes. The human body energy system makes us feel energized and healthy, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The primary cause of diseases in humans is the blockage of the energy pathways resulting in disruption of natural body communication. Scalar fields carry the energy that enhances communication, which in turn exposes the ailing cells to the body immunity systems. Briefly, the scalar fields recharge the mitochondria, the body power stations hence giving the cells new energy to remove blockages restoring the body to its healthy status. Available scientific literature shows that this form of energy is fundamental and beneficial to humans in the following ways:

• Raises cell energy levels
• Slow aging
• Reduce inflammation and pain
• Stress management
• Clears the mind
• Reduce depression
• Nourishes DNA
• Improves memory
• Nerve healing
• Normalizes cancerous cells
• Improves sleep quality
• Enhances natural healing
• Improves body immunity system to kill bacteria and viruses
• Accelerates body weight management and metabolism
• Nerve healing
• Promotes concentration and focus
• Reduce harmful body effects from Wi-Fi, computers and cell phones
• Improves cell permeability
• Reduce high blood pressure
• Unclamps blood cells
• Opens up the chakra
• Relieve Migraine
• DNA reparation

Many people, as such, have used scalar energy healing to regain their health statuses. The energy regenerates and rejuvenates the cells hence work effectively. Blood circulation is enhanced as cell permeability is increased. This improves cell nutrient and water intake keeping the cells hydrated. Scalar energy rebalances body chemical distribution reducing pain pains. Besides, it relaxes and dilates blood vessels enhancing optimal blood circulation.

In summary, scalar energy healing plays a central role in ensuring the human body is healthy and free from diseases. Diseases such as cancer can be alleviated through this form of healing. Scalar energy healing improves life quality through relieving pains, promotes cell permeability, slows aging, boost body energy, reduces stress, depression, and anxiety, and boosts the body immunity system to fight diseases.

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