Why You Should Take Your Senior Loved One To An Upper North Shore Hairdresser

Why You Should Take Your Senior Loved One To An Upper North Shore Hairdresser

If you have an aging relative who’s been spending far too much time alone, you may want to take this person to an Upper North Shore hairdresser. This is a great way to show your elderly relatives how much you care for them while treating them to a day of pampering and relaxation. There are a wealth of services that hairdressers can supply that are absolutely perfect for seniors.

Social Engagement

One of the most important things to note about growing older is that a lot of elderly people tend to spend considerable amounts of time in isolation. As their mobility changes and they stop operating vehicles on their own, getting out and doing things for themselves can be very difficult. A day at the hair salon is great for ensuring that seniors are getting plenty of social engagement. These trips can restore the sense of normalcy and pleasure that many aging adults quickly come to miss.

Good Self-Care

Hairdressers can help their elderly clients establish beauty routines that keep them looking and feeling great despite any changes in their appearances, mobility or fine motor skills. In fact, the best of these professionals often have reputable lines of beauty products that they sell right in their stores. Your aging loved one can find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for dry, brittle hair, thinning hair, or a tight and itchy scalp. Some salons even offer special skin care lines that are perfect for keeping the dermis soft, supple and healthy at every age.

Build Confidence

A new cut, color or style can help almost anyone gain more confidence. Growing old isn’t always easy on a person’s self-esteem. People have to adapt to having grey hair, fine lines and wrinkles, and other aesthetic changes that are a normal and unavoidable part of life. The right hair style for complementing these changes can actually make them seem far more positive than negative. Chopping a few inches off, lightening up the locks, or reshaping the coif entirely are all things that might better frame and flatter the face than a person’s existing hairstyle. Making sure that seniors feel good about themselves can play a critical role in ensuring that they continue to enjoy optimal life qualities.

Spend Quality Time

Going to an Upper North Shore hairdresser with your elderly relative is also a great way for the two of you to spend quality time together. You don’t have to radically alter your look in order to enjoy these services. The two of you can get a wash and deep condition together or invest in any other treatments for pampering your tresses and making your scalp feel good.


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