Taking Care Of Luxurious Virgin Hair Extensions

Taking Care Of Luxurious Virgin Hair Extensions

There are various reasons why you would need to supplement your hair with Virgin hair extensions. It could be the need to extend the length of your natural hair or to add volume to it. Whatever your need is, luxurious virgin hair extensions are a sure bet to ensure that your hair is complemented well.

In normal circumstances, these hair extensions are not cheap. This means that for you to get the value for your money, you will need to take good care of the extensions. Here are a few tips and routines that you should apply to make sure that your hair lasts longer while serving its purpose.

1. Be Careful With The Installation

Be sure to engage the services of a qualified stylist to make sure that the extensions are well installed as this prevent excessive damage through shedding. Some stylists may use sharp objects such as needles to separate the extensions as they install your extensions—which is wrong! The virgin hair extensions are not built to withstand very rough handling like the sharp objects.

2. Use A Head Wrap

Unknown to many people is the fact that most hair shedding happens during the night or as one takes naps. To avoid the excessive friction that you apply on the hair during these moments, always have a head wrap to protect your hair. This also ensures that your natural hair is protected from breaking or strain as a result of the friction.

3. Always Detangle The Extensions

The detangling process involves mild brushing of the nose to remove any twisted ends. This is not to be confused with aggressive brushing that could lead to more hair breakages and damage. Detangling ensures that the air remains soft and easy to manipulate in case you need to style it. Styling tangled hair is tiresome, and on other occasions, it leads to hair loss due to the physical manipulation that happens as one tries to comp twists/ tangles hair strands.

Maintaining virgin luxurious hair extensions can be tasking, but if you want get the value for your money, you will need to take extra care on your hair. Make sure to use the right products such as conditioners and hair shampoos. It is important always to take note of the manufacturer’s instructions on every product that you are going to use to avoid losses and damages. Finally, the hairdresser you hire to install your extension can make or break the life of your virgin hair. Go for experienced and well-reputed hairdresser with a several positive reviews from past clients.

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