The Ultimate Guide to the Garrett G Series Metal Detectors

The Ultimate Guide to the Garrett G Series Metal Detectors

Garrett G series metal detectors are considered some of the best in the market. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced detectorist, these machines can be perfect for you.

The G series consists of three detectors: the Garrett Ace 300, the Garrett Ace 400, and the Garrett AT Pro. They are all user-friendly and suitable for coin hunting, relic hunting, and even gold prospecting.

The Garrett Ace 300 is the entry-level detector in the G series. It has a 7″x 10″ concentric search coil, which is perfect for target separation in areas with high trash. The detector also has five search modes, including jewelry, coins, relics and custom modes. The Ace 300 also has an adjustable frequency, which allows you to eliminate interference from other metal detectors while hunting.

The Garrett Ace 400 is an upgrade from the Ace 300. The detector has an 8. 5″x 11″ concentric search coil, which is larger than the Ace 300’s coil. The detector’s iron audio feature allows you to hear discriminated iron targets, which helps you to detect certain targets that the other detectors would have missed.

The Ace 400 also has five search modes similar to the Ace 300. Its digital target ID is also a significant improvement from that of the Ace 300. The Ace 400’s target ID ranges between 0-99 compared to Ace 300’s range of 0-12.

If you are looking for an advanced detector, the Garrett AT Pro is the perfect choice for you. The AT Pro is waterproof up to 10 feet, and it can be used on both land and in water. The detector has a 5″x 8″ DD search coil, which is perfect for iron-infested sites.

The AT Pro comes with 40 iron discrimination segments, an adjustable threshold, and iron audio. It also has a high-resolution iron discrimination that allows you to differentiate between iron and non-iron targets precisely.

All the G series detectors have a pinpoint mode that enables you to locate your target precisely. The detectors also come with an adjustable frequency that allows you to change the operating frequency to eliminate interference from other metal detectors.

The detectors’ sensitivity and depth can also be adjusted, depending on the type of terrain you are searching. The detectors also have a notch discrimination feature that allows you to eliminate unwanted targets from your search.

The G series detectors are user-friendly and easy to assemble. The detectors come with an instruction manual that guides you through the assembly process. The manual also has guidelines on how to operate and maintain your detector.

When hunting with the Garrett G series detectors, you need to have the right hunting gear. A pinpointer is essential for precise target location. A digging tool, headphones, and a pouch to hold your finds are also necessary.

The Garrett G series detectors are widely used by detectorists worldwide. The detectors are affordable, reliable, and versatile. Whether you are searching for coins, relics, or gold nuggets, the G series detectors can help you find them.

The Garrett G series detectors are a must-have for detectorists of all levels. The detectors are user-friendly, easy to assemble, and suitable for all types of metal detecting. When using the detectors, make sure you have the right gear and maintain the detectors regularly.

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